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8 Things to Consider for Hosting an Engagement Party

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No doubt that getting engaged is really exciting and amazing, and that the happiness should be celebrated with close ones. But here are the major eight things to consider for your engagement bash:
  1.  The host of the party:

Usually the engagement party is hosted by the bride’s side of family. But nowadays commonly couples themselves arrange the bash for friends or even two separate parties for family relatives & family friends and colleagues & close friends.


  1. List of invitees:

Well engagement celebration is though more of an intimate event for the dear ones of the bride and groom but now it’s more common to include invitees those who might be avoided in the list of wedding invitees such as colleagues, not-so-close friends, parents’ colleagues and friends or those who can’t attend your destination wedding.

You can hence determine to make your wedding list invitees before approaching for the list of engagement party invites.

However, all members of families and people closely involved with families should be invited.


  1. Ideal time for engagement:

Preferably the engagement  celebration should be quickly organised soon after the proposal comes as the excitement will be still fresh then and no wedding plans tension will get on nerves.  Since engagement is pretty different but the prior step of wedding it should be organized 11 months to a year prior to wedding date. Also, visitors are needed to be noticed a month ago about the date.

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  1. Deciding the venue:

Selecting venues really work in setting up the scene for the celebration. If the party is thrown by the bride’s family it is enough to host it within the house with a cocktail arrangement. You could on the other hand hire a private space in an eatery, a bar, a garden or a real estate.


  1. Venue decor & theme:

The engagement party theme should be involving to the couple only. And it should match with the wedding theme as well. For an instance planning a beach wedding will not suit if you organise a cocktail party at a real estate for engagement. But some also might just enjoy the two different themes for different celebrations. Above all it’s just something that makes the bride and groom happy. Some brides might just want to enjoy two types of celebration experiences at once. After all it’s the most special occasion. Well preferably “vintage” theme go just perfect for any engagement, or you might just opt for freely tying everything with a shading palette.


Decorations can be most confusing to choose. But to make it simple yet fancy include some statement “soon to be” or some fun engagement moment quotes in the photos will do great. Highlighting the venue with some tea lights, hanging bird cages, balloons and floral arrangements mostly look serene and beautiful.

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  1. The food and drink:

An appropriate sit-down dining is not required, as buffet arrangements are quite common and even easy to organize. However, rather have  food trucks so that invitees can chat while eating and help themselves. In the menu burgers, fish, french fries, meat sticks or even lasagnas can be included. Coming to the beverages chilled beers, cold juice will be enough if you are having a party in the garden.


  1. The cake:

When it comes to dessert after dinner and also being in the engagement party Cakes are the main focus. But make sure it’s not as giant or expensive looking as the wedding ones. There should be small details like diamond finger ring shaped cake or quotes like “she said yes” or the couple’s names or picture imprinted on the cake.

There are also expert cake Baker’s to help you with most suitable idea.


  1. The outfit:

Being the bride is though an important part of the celebration but save some excitement for the wedding day. Hence you should not brighten up much before the wedding and keep it simple yet stylish while choosing the outfit. White should be the color of the day or something in light peach or cream. Simple casual look will look great. The invitees as well must follow and stick to the rule of keeping it simple at the engagement party.


Well, you have pretty much imagined everything while going through the above sections, aren’t you? So, fix the date and hurry!

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