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Hi I’m Emily,

I empower Bride’s to take on the task of wedding planning either through a
Done For You Service or through my Group Coaching Program. My goal is to
make this entire experience a memorable one leaving pride in the memories
that were created in the process.

Download One Of My Guides To Accelerate Your Planning
Process & Maximize Your Limited Time.

Weddings With Emily Janick Blog

Raise your hand if you think that planning your wedding should have more instruction than just an app or planner book off the shelf. I sure thought so.
This action-focus blog takes you on an in-depth journey through the early stages of wedding planning so your excitement doesn’t have to become overwhelming in the process. Love your wedding from start to finish.

Are You Ready To Start Taking Real Action?

Pick a collection below that fits where you are in the planning process from below to get
actionable wedding creation advice to get your wheels moving in the right direction.